GRINSPOON 'whatever, whenever, wherever' AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2024

Date: 11th October 2024

Location: Burdekin Memorial Hall 77 - 79 Ninth Avenue Home Hill QLD 4806

Cost: $79.50

Time: 19:30 - 00:00

Developing a sound and presence so permanently ingrained in the consciousness of Australian rock history, Grinspoon have proven time and again in recent years that the passion that drives their music.



GRINSPOON 'whatever, whenever, wherever' AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2024

Burdekin Memorial Hall - 11 October 2024

**This event is strictly 18+**



TICKETS 18+ $79.50


Legendary rockers Grinspoon are back with Unknown Pretenders!

Unknown Pretenders marks the first new music from the band in 12 years. The track’s unbridled power is quintessentially Grinspoon – heavy riffs, pounding drums, and charismatic vocals from one of Australia’s most highly-regarded front men, Phil Jamieson.

This single ushers in a new era for Grinspoon: their 8th studio album titled whatever, whatever will arrive on August 9. It’s an album of ferocity; an injection of adrenaline that marks a period of rejuvenation and a new peak for the band, who’ve spent recent years touring nationwide celebrating their untouchable seven album-strong discography and legacy to date. 

The band have also today announced they’re heading out on an extensive 45 date ‘whatever, whenever, wherever’ tour across the country, kicking off in September, with a fan presale kicking off at 10:00am (local time) Thursday 23 May and general public tickets on sale from 9am (local time) Monday 27 May. 

Unknown Pretenders kicks off this new chapter in Grinspoon’s enduring story. With 13 ARIA nominations and 2 wins, countless Platinum accolades and a live reputation that is untouchable, contemporary Australian rock bands regard the band as a blueprint of enduring success. It’s clear with Unknown Pretenders that the band were ready to unleash some pent-up creative energy. 

It’s with a curious trepidation but ultimately a feeling of unfulfilled wonderment that we reach into the caverns of our beings for a new journey of recorded endeavours, one which we are proud but tentatively a little scared of releasing”, Phil said when asked about releasing a new single and record.

On the new single, Phil said that “Unknown Pretenders was written in the dawning of the pandemic in a small studio in Adelaide February 2020, with a number of other tunes as well. It’s a magical riffy song about the end of the world and who will actually survive”.

For Unknown Pretenders and whatever, whatever, the band enlisted Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers) as producer, working with him over the last couple of years to shape the sound of this record. Speaking about this, Phil said that; “Oscar is an incredibly talented creative, engineer and producer. We hadn’t worked with an Australian producer for a very long time, and it was a refreshing change. Recording with Oscar became very collaborative, he’s humble and understands the different dynamics within the band”.

Grinspoon’s influence on the Australian scene has extended beyond the success of their early material; the band contributing to the blueprint of Australian rock music that has celebrated the embrace of different sounds and influences.

Excited to hit the road, Phil said, “This thing ain’t for the faint hearted, we’re really trying to get to as many places as possible, it kind of harks back to the olden days of touring; 4 guys in a van with some guitars. With the release of new music we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to see Grinners, and we’re going back to some venues we haven’t played in 20 years!”

Phil continues, “To say we’re excited is a massive understatement! Over the last 6 years we have played arenas and stadiums and theaters and what not, and it’s all been tremendous and we have loved every minute of it, but there is nothing like the 3 hour drive after a show, the 9am checkout from the hotel, and the first stop to get a chicko roll and strawberry milk - black coffee for me, I am now an adult. These gigs will be madness - sweaty Tuesdays, taking the day off work on a Wednesday, remembering the reason you go to pubs. Our venues are suffering out there in the regions so we are bringing the show to them. We can’t wait to see you all!”

Unknown Pretenders by Grinspoon is out today. Stream Now.

whatever, whatever releases August 9, 2024. Pre-Order Here.