The Visitors

Date: 7th September 2024

Location: Burdekin Theatre Auditorium 161 Queen Street, Ayr, QLD 487, Australia.

Cost: $40.00 (More Prices Available - See Description)

Time: 19:30 - 00:00

It’s January 1788 and a mysterious fleet is amassing in the harbour. Seven clan leaders must make a momentous decision: to send these strangers on their way or welcome them?

The Visitors


A Moogahlin Performing Arts and Sydney Theatre Company Production


By Jane Harrison | Directed by Wesley Enoch

On a sweltering day in January 1788, seven clan leaders gather on a sandstone escarpment overlooking the harbour. The attendees, six of them Elders and one new initiate, catch-up, laugh together, share a meal and compare notes. But beyond the friendly banter, protocols, and hospitality, a momentous decision is waiting to be made. A mysterious fleet of giant nawi is amassing in the harbour and as they creep closer, these seven representatives must choose unanimously: whether to send these strangers on their way or welcome them? After its Sydney Theatre Award-winning premiere production at the 2020 Sydney Festival, Muruwari playwright Jane Harrison’s The Visitors will be reworked for this brand new production directed by one of Australia’s most celebrated directors, Quandamooka man Wesley Enoch. Co-produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts and Sydney Theatre Company, The Visitors is at once a riveting, deeply researched insight into one of the most impactful and painful days in Australia’s history, and a hugely entertaining study of how communities respond to change and the unknown.


Adult $40.00
Concession $38.00
Friends of the Theatre $35.00
Youth under 30 $35.00

TICKETS ON SALE - 6 JUNE 2024 - 10:00AM